Diemakers – Order Entry



  • Can be tailored if required
  • Generate from Estimate, Previous Order, Direct Entry
  • Setup Master Orders for each Customer’s Presses for a quick and easy creation of new job tickets
  • Changes to Estimate are automatically reflected on the Job Ticket and Change Order Form
  • Integrated with Purchase Orders & Inventory
  • Customer Profile Information to be accessed at Order Entry
  • Ability to perform 1 to 6 components on a Job Ticket
  • Problem History accessible when opening new jobs
  • Can be updated to Electronic Job Ticket for Data Sharing
  • On-line viewing of previous Job Tickets
  • Revision numbers tracked
  • Full Changes Management System Date, Time, Employee and Reason stamps changes


  • Job Ticket is created along with the estimate
  • All other Paperwork created as estimate is created
  • Eliminate Transposition errors
  • Increase Customer Service by quickly getting job into plant, ensuring that all Customer Profile requirements are met and that problems experienced in the past are not repeated
  • Improve cash flow by by revising estimates at Job Ticket stage and providing client with an accurate price before the job is opened
  • Increase revenue by tracking every change made to the order after it was agreed to at Order Entry. All changes are date, time, employee and reason stamped for rebilling.
  • Electronic Order eliminates mistakes and increase quality
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