Making a Lasting Impression at Binderyonics

Binding Edge Magazine (Fall 2007) by: Diane Brodine

“Equipment purchases aren’t the only investment Binderyonics has made to keep its business on top of a changing industry. It also purchased a customized computer system from Dienamic MIS Software. “About three years ago, we realized we couldn’t continue to do what we were doing,” said Griffin. “We looked at new markets, purchasing, processing – we looked at everything in every part of our business. That was when we decided a MIS system would give us the needed tools and targeted information to make the right decisions in a timely manner.” From the moment an order arrives at Binderyonics, its job ticket is entered into the computerized management information system. Work orders then are electronically sent to each department head and Quality Control. This department uses the software to oversee each stage of production. Griffin points out that the software also allows them to pick up pennies. “It makes us more efficient in how we purchase and produce in all of our cost structures.” “

Full Article: http://www.thebindingedge.com/article.asp?ID=50



Coyne Graphic Finishing Implements Dienamic Management Software

“Our customers count on us for our state-of-the-art equipment and impeccable communication,” said Coyne. “We’ve made several improvements to the former, including the addition of CNC routing services and a custom-manufactured Cauhe large-format die cutter earlier this year. Dienamics allows us to have up-to-the-minute project and customer information at our fingertips. That’s vitally important as we continue to grow.”

Full Article: http://www.wheniwant.com/article.cfm/id/90321

Special Report: Graph Expo [On Importance of MIS Systems to Success]

“Other technologies that drew attention included web-to-print systems, and evolving MIS systems, the latter being chosen by an industry panel as the key technology for success in a print shop today.”

Full Article: http://www.printcan.ca/homenews.html

Allyson Calandreillo, 21st Century Finishing

“Anne Marie, I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you help learning the Dienamic MIS, Estimating and BHR programs. While you have been a pleasure to deal with your also consistently helpful and your wealth of knowledge along with your patience have not gone unnoticed. Having never used the program before I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed learning your very powerful program. Your team has offered us a sense of confidence that you rarely find anymore. We know that when we call our questions will be answered and they will be answered in a timely manner. We have not had any issues with your tech support or your training at all. I look forward to a continued business relationship.”


Scott Mahalick, Universal Laminating

“This program has dramatically reduced the amount of time it takes us to produce a quotation. This allows us to get quotations back to our customers in a rapid and timely fashion, which is very important in the hectic market we compete in… The quotations from the program give us a more professional presentation of our company to our customers. It also reduces the calculation mistakes that can occur due to human error. One of the best parts of the program is the ability to adapt to the many different ways projects need to be calculated….In reality the program is pretty much custom-made for our estimating needs but sold at a small fraction of the price it would cost to have a custom program written…I would highly recommend your program to others.”

Geoff McQuillan, Newline Dies Ltd.

“Newline Dies have been using Dienamic MIS for the past 6 years and we’ve found the system to be a benefit in all aspects of our business. From job ticket creation, invoicing, stock taking and data collection, the system provides us with valuable real time information that is essential to running our business.”

Christine, Markal Finishing Company

“We save thousands of dollars each year by not remaking dies we already have in house.” re: Dienamic Die Management Software

Leslie Feathers, Fox Bindery, Inc.

“We do about 600 [estimates in the Dienamic Estimating system] per week.”