Trade Binderies – Data Sharing



  • 2 way communications so that Plant Employees can send data to Office and Office Employees can send data to Plant
  • 1 terminal can be shared with multiple employees
  • Allows integration with Job Costing, Job Tracking, Inventory, Roll Management, Electronic Job Ticket, Payroll, Ship/Receive, Problem History and any other custom applications required
  • Customize each terminal as to the functions available to that employee
  • Supervisor functions for administration
  • Bar Coding/Magnetic Card/Touch Screen technology used for input of data
  • Real time job tracking


  • Informed Employees will operate more efficiently
  • Access to Tracking will allow employees to plan production
  • Alert Management to Jobs that have not reached his Cost Center by a certain time
  • Electronic Ticket will let employees know of up to the second changes to the order
  • Allow Employees to get ready for Jobs before Ticket is in their possession
  • Informed Employees produce better Jobs faster; this results in better customer service
  • Up to date Tracking Information allows you to quickly address customer inquiries regarding Job Status
  • Job Costing allows immediate collection of Author Alterations
  • Real Time Data Collection ensures all time recorded against each Job
  • Real Time Data Collection ensures accurate Production Standards
  • Electronic Ticket ensures accurate, up to the second information is provided to production employees
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