Trade Binderies – Estimate



  • Package based on our background of working directly with Trade Binderies Handles Saddle Stitch/ Perfect Bind/ Mechanical Bind/ Case Bind/ Coating/ Folding/ Stringing/Wafering/Cutting and much more
  • Program starts quotes at Finished Sheets supplied, no need to deal with any Printing Specs to get to Bindery Processes
  • Calculates all Materials such as Spine Material,Foil, Board, Eyelets, Easels, Dies, etc.
  • Ability to move freely in the program; not restricted by screens
  • Analyze different production and cost saving alternatives
  • On-line viewing of previous estimates
  • Ability to maintain your own standards and rates
  • Generates Quote that can be Printed/Faxed/E Mailed to Customer


  • Perform more quotes and more variations
  • Easily generate written quote and drawings for client
  • Generate paper flow required (Estimate Summaries, Customer Quote, Management Reports)
  • Integrated to produce Tickets, Labels, Shipping Slips, etc.
  • Better Customer Service by providing quick response to estimates and suggesting cost saving alternatives
  • Professional Quote Letter presents a better image of your company
  • Variations are very simple
  • Consistent Pricing

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